Quality time with friends and family, comfort, simplicity and second-generation alcohol-free drinks: what can we get for you this year ? - 1883 Maison Routin

The aperitivo trend: pre-dinner drinks are going into extra time

As more and more people are now working from home, daily routines have shifted. The new work/life balance has brought new possibilities and new opportunities that we’re now calling “extended convivial time”. And that translates into more drawn-out aperitivos. Because we’re uncorking earlier. As there is more time before dinner, “pre-meal” drinks have become more popular. And in no category has this been more obvious than the bitters sector, which has seen huge growth in bars and other on-trade venues.

Comforting flavours

As a snub to the doom and gloom on the news and in our society, the familiar and reassuring tastes of childhood are everywhere, even in cocktail glasses: popcorn, sweet almond, peach… A panel of tastes that will for sure satisfy all the sweet teeth. Welcome to a world that is reassuring, sweet, light, and made of “accessible flavours”; just like an organoleptic comfort blanket. Here’s where strawberry brandies come in. In fact, liqueurs in general – which are sweet by their very nature – have seen a strong upturn. Consumers are also opting for coffees with rounded notes rather than tart flavours. This is also one of the reasons for the success of the 1883 range of sauces, which is constantly being expanded.

RTD, “ready to drink” beverages

As their name suggests, RTD beverages don’t need any preparation. On the rise since the waves of Covid-19 lockdowns, they are a handy alternative to professionally mixed cocktails. With a vast choice of flavours, these drinks are easy to carry around and their alcohol content is carefully controlled. RTDs are now part of the “lazy economy”: products that make life easier. Whether bottled, in the spirit of the home-tail (homemade cocktail) or in ultra-practical ring-pull can form, ready-to-drink beverages are a new expression of the increasingly popular “cocktail culture”.

Functional beverages: non-alcoholic drinks are moving to the next level

These drinks contain no alcohol but make a plethora of promises. Belonging to the “spirit-free” tradition, these virgin drinks make it possible to consume alcohol-free cocktails that are more festive and varied than a soda or a fruit juice. But they also bring an additional promise: benefits for body and mind: energy, relaxation, socialisation, and a new approach to partying.