No-waste cocktails - 1883 Maison Routin

Pairing up 

Canapés with a flute of Champagne, whatever you serve with your signature cocktail helps to tell a story, the story of the experience you share. As well as satisfying your consumers, it also balances flavours, bringing another dimension to the taste. Create surprise by offering them homemade crisps with a dipping sauce. But not just any old crisps! Fry up the fruit and/or vegetable peelings that were used to make the cocktail. You can also reduce these peelings to a powder and sprinkle them over your cocktail to demonstrate your creative flair. Cut down on waste while demonstrating your originality! And enjoy the taste! 

As a garnish 

The look of a cocktail affects how it tastes because the first sense we use when we eat or drink is sight. Bright colours and a beautiful appearance play an important role in tempting a potential consumer. Garnishing is an art that any enthusiast can master. Why not make your cocktails attractive and original by recycling the citrus peel used in the recipe? You can roll lemon zest around a pestle, for example, and when it is dry it will make gorgeous spirals to place on glasses or to be used as stirrers. Or why not create pretty citrus peel cut-outs to hang from the glass for an inventive effect and reuse your waste in style! 

Curtain up! 

When you use lemon in a recipe, collect the halves and use them to flambé your cocktails! Place a sugar cube inside, pour on an overproof rum and light the mixture! Dim the lights to make sure everyone gets a good look at the flame. For extra magical touch, (carefully) crackle the flame by sprinkling it with cinnamon. Your mojitos will cause a sensation and your customers will have stars in their eyes!