MATTHIAS - 1883 Maison Routin


A world-renowned French Chef Mixologist, Matthias is an ultra-creative person who is inspired by the world of nature and the great chefs he collaborates with. A globetrotter at heart, his 360-degree journey is the perfect reflection of his appetite for multi-sensory experiences and the blending of new flavours.

 In the mixology world, he is known as “the alchemist”. With 10 years of experience as Executive Bar Chef of the Buddha Bar Group, his career has led him to open F&B concepts in more than 32 countries around the world. Relying on his creativity and his deep vision of the world’s trends and flavours, Matthias transcribes them into his cocktail & soft cocktail creations. The alchemist challenges and shakes up the traditional codes of mixology by working on “non-alcoholic” cocktails with the same high standards and the same search for pleasure and emotions on the palate. He is always developing new tastes and new techniques and makes each experience as unique as a work of art!



Today, Matthias loves to share his passion and is constantly nourished by his exchanges with his multicultural teams around the world. Co-founder of the Alchimiste Group, he has honed his passion for creating cocktails in some thirty countries in luxury hotels and international groups as well as in beach bars. Creative without limits, he tends to open the world of the bar to other realms, to think outside the box by being inspired by gastronomy (cooking and pastry) but also by herbal medicine, perfumery and, of course, by nature!