Drink designer - Dhan Tamang - 1883 Maison Routin

Dhan Tamang

Dhan is a champion of complex and colourful latte art. Originally from Nepal, his talent is matched only by his humility and love of hot drinks. With inventiveness and gestures executed to perfection, Dhan won his first major titles at the UK Latte Art Championship, where he won 6 consecutive prizes, paving the way to a completely different destiny.


Author of the successful book “Coffee Art”, he now works to inspire his community with his ephemeral and original creations. Over 60,000 people follow him on Instagram.Dhan is also the talented leader of his own business, offering training and products based on his expert selections.


What is his favourite thing to do? Stand behind the counter, put on an apron and share his passion with customers. His inspiration? The places he visits, the paintings he sees but, above all, encounters with others: rich in meaning and always inspiring.



  • UK Latte Art Champion – 6 years in a row
  • World Latte Art Championship – Finalist in 2016

Double shot

– Shot of espresso
– 15cl Orange fresh
– 1.5cl 1883 Popcorn Syrup
– 1.5cl 1883 Butterscotch Syrup

1. Put iced cubes in shaker
2. Add juice , syrups , espresso
3. Shake it
4. Serve