Cheese cocktails - 1883 Maison Routin

Rum, cheese and smiles 

This new fad involves serving hot chocolate topped with grated cheese, often mozzarella. While this might be a step too far for some people on social media, it is actually inspired by an ancestral Colombian recipe known as chocolate completo or chocolate santafereño, which children devour at snack time. 

But sweet delights are not just for children. Adults can share in the joy too, in the form of cheese cocktails. Imagine a glass of blue cheese. We’ll be honest, the smell might be off-putting. But now imagine a sweet and tangy pineapple taste to counterbalance the salt in the blue cheese. Add a little rum and you’re on the way to a taste sensation. Be bold. Serve something extraordinary. 

The ultra-trendy aperitif phenomenon 

Design fruity-flavoured cocktails, with or without alcohol, that will pair beautifully with cheeses that often can have a very strong taste. It’s a great way to enhance your dining experience.

Here are some flavour combinations that might inspire you to get creative: 

· Brie: chestnut; apple; quince; lime 

· Camembert: apple; hopped drinks; ginger 

· Sheep’s milk cheeses: chili pepper; black cherry; watermelon 

· Munster: carrot; cumin; lychee 

· Comté, Beaufort and Cantal: pineapple; red berries; mango, almond 

· Goat’s milk cheeses: tomato; honey; pepper; apricot; herbal gin 

· Cheddar: tomato; onion; curry; Tabasco; gin; lemon 

· Gouda: apple; peach; pear; cumin; caraway; clove   

· Parmesan: dry white wine; champagne; apricot; fig; grape; prune 

Try one of our cheese cocktail/mocktail recipes for yourself if you’re still not convinced:  

Parmigiano sour  

· Pour 1.5 cl of lemon juice, 2 cl of egg white and 1.5 cl of honey into a shaker 

· Add 1.5 cl of sweet white wine and 2 cl of Pisco and shake gently without ice 

· Fill the shaker with ice cubes and shake again 

· Strain into a chilled cocktail glass 

· Garnish with grated parmesan and ground black pepper 

Blue cheese and marshmallow mocktail 

· Melt 4 marshmallows in a bain-marie with a little water 

In a blender, add 40 cl of milk, 2 tbsp of 1883 Maple Syrup, 2 tbsp of melted blue cheese and the melted marshmallows 

· Serve in a tumbler glass with ice cubes 

· Garnish: top with a toasted marshmallow and lemon zest