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Tagada Panacotta mills, 1883 Strawberry syrup - 1883 Maison Routin

Tagada Panacotta mills, 1883 Strawberry syrup

A refreshing dessert.


    60cl 1883 Strawberry syrup
    1l single cream
    80g caster sugar
    80g strawberries Tagada
    3 gelatin sheets
    Cold water


    In a pan, over a low heat, warm the cream, sugar and the Tagada strawberries until boiling.
    Meanwhile, soak gelatin sheets in very cold water, in order to soften them but without melting them.
    Add the gelatin into the cream, move slowly.
    Pour into glasses.
    Place in the fridge and let cool 3 at 4 hours minimum.
    Before serving, add the syrup to taste.