Strawberry Tiramisu - 1883 Maison Routin

Strawberry Tiramisu

The famous Italian dessert restyled.

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    60g 1883 Strawberry syrup
    500g strawberries
    Half lemon juice
    4 eggs
    250g mascarpone
    120g sugar
    12 sponge fingers


    The recipe has to be prepared 2 hours in advance.
    Place biscuits in a dish.
    Wash, remove the stalks and cut strawberries in strips, then put them in a dish.
    Water the strawberries of the lemon juice, add 30g of sugar.
    Crush strawberries with a fork.
    Put on biscuits this preparation in sufficient amount to the good soak them.
    Put in the fridge.
    Meanwhile, separate the yellow and the egg whites.
    Whip the yellow with 90g of sugar.
    Add the mascarpone and mix.
    Add the 1883 Strawberry syrup.
    Whip the whites until stiff, add it to 30g of sugar.
    Incorporate delicately the whites into snow in mix yellow – sugar-mascarpone.
    Pour the mix over soaked biscuits.
    Pour the rest of the “coulis” over it.
    Let it cool.