Blackberry Tea Punch

  • With Alcohol
  • Cold
  • Long drink


  • 18cl London dry gin
  • 10cl 1883 Blackberry syrup
  • 5cl lemon juice
  • 5cl lime juice
  • 18cl Jasmine white tea
  • 8 dashes cardamom bitters

Serving punches became more democratic in the Anglo-Saxon countries. A good way to make the national English drink a little funnier!


For 4 people.
In a tea maker (at least 1L) filled with ice.

Start with the preparation of the white tea by infusing the equivalent of a tea bag (approximately 2-3 grams) in 20cl of simmering water. Try not to infuse for too long, so that the tea is not too bitter, and leave to cool.
Pour all the products in the tea maker, add ice, and stir to chill and obtain an even consistency.
Serve in chilled cups with deshydrated lemon slices and blackberries.

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume in moderation.

Associated syrup