Red Blazer - 1883 Maison Routin

Red Blazer

A hot cocktail in homage to Jerry Thomas’s famous Blue Blazer, this is a variant with enhanced flavour that will convince even serious sceptics.

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    2cl 1883 Mixed Berries syrup
    4 dashes absinthe
    6cl spiced rum
    6cl rooibos herbal tea


    Fill two stainless-steel milk jugs with boiling water to warm them.
    In one, infuse a sachet of rooibos herbal tea.
    Remove the water from the other, pour in the rum so it soaks up the heat, and add the tea.
    Set fire to the mixture and transfer it between the jugs 5-6 times.
    Pour the syrup and absinthe into a (heat-resistant) toddy glass.
    Add the mixture and stir.
    Decorate with a brandied cherry and lemon peel.