Dragon Egg Smoothie - 1883 Maison Routin

Dragon Egg Smoothie

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    16 oz. cup of ice
    8 oz. 1883 Mango Smoothie Mix
    3 oz. Dragon
    Passion slush
    ¼ cup mango flavored juice pearls & mint

    Dragon Passion Slush
    ¼ cup frozen dragon fruit cubes
    ½ oz. 1883 Passion Fruit Syrup
    ½ oz. fresh lime juice


    Pour the 1883 Mango Smoothie Mix in a glass.
    Fill of ice, blend until smooth.
    Add juice pearls to cup, but save some, to garnish.
    Pour the 1883 Mango Smoothie into a 20oz. cup, top with dragon passion slush.
    Garnish and serve.