Choco Cookie Ice Cream - 1883 Maison Routin

Choco Cookie Ice Cream

A hybrid of ice cream and milkshake, here is a funny way to consume this mixture – either as an iced lollipop or directly with a teaspoon. A delicious alternative to dessert – and perfect for kids.

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    2cl 1883 Chocolate Cookie syrup
    1 scoop (10cl) vanilla ice cream
    2cl coconut milk
    1cl 1883 Chocolate sauce


    Place the crumbled cookie and the chocolate sauce in a small conical glass (about 15cl).
    Put the ice cream, the syrup and the coconut milk in a blender, mix quickly and place the resulting sorbet in the conical glass.
    Ideally, a spoon will be placed in the middle (a wooden or chocolate stick can also be used, but it is less practical).
    Put in the freezer until the mixture has set.
    The consumer is free to consume his ice cream milkshake with the spoon or to turn it out as an ice-cold cone.