1883 Lime Cordial - 1883 Maison Routin
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1883 Lime cordial

Half lime juice, half lemon juice, plus sugar: this 1883 concentrate gives lemon a new flair! The clear green vegetable shimmer brings the fruity peel to mind. A cool scent from the rind delivers the true essence of lime. The complex flavour, a veritable collection of aromas, distils a refreshingly cool sensation. Not as sweet as syrup, Lime Juice Cordial offers a well-balanced taste where the acidity is fully revealed.


Lime Juice Cordial strikes the ideal compromise between lime juice and lime syrup. Distinctly acidic with a touch of sweetness, it is an essential component not only to the legendary Cosmopolitan, but also to the Gimlet, Mai Tai, or Gin Fizz... It mixes superbly with water, tea or infusions, and enhances both wine and beer.


Made in France