1883 Green Apple Creation Fruits - 1883 Maison Routin
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1883 Green Apple Creation Fruits

CRÉATION FRUITS® 1883 Green Apple is extremely faithful to this fruit’s distinctive character.
With its understated deep-green hue and an aromatic profile balancing sweetness and tartness, it lets you grace your creations with an attractive freshness and subtlety.
On the palate, the dominant acidic edge of green apple is offset by a fruity yet sophisticated sweetness.
Its fragrance – sometimes arrestingly intense, sometimes with a bittersweet edge – expands drink designers’ aromatic repertoire.


This creation invites you to play with its particularly intense taste characteristics, and to highlight its herbaceous note or its delicate hint of honey. The essence of the fruit is expressed in a delicate harmony that recalls the juicy, fruity flesh of apples, with a slight herbaceous trait that calls to mind the freshness of apple orchards in springtime. This is supplemented by mellow and slightly sweet notes, refl ecting the complexity of a ripe green apple.