Irish Egg Nog - 1883 Maison Routin

Irish Egg Nog

A variation on the famous American Christmas drink, which was also a hit with King Henri IV of France – he actually called his famous white horse Lait de Poule, after the drink’s French name. A cocktail that warms the cockles with its spicy notes.

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    1 Egg yolk
    3cl 1883 Irish cream syrup
    5cl Irish Whiskey
    12cl Cinnamon-infused milk


    Frost the rim of a (heat-resistant) Toddy glass with crushed hazelnuts and cocoa powder.
    Pour the egg yolk and the syrup in, stir, then add the Whiskey.
    Heat and froth the milk with a cinnamon stick in a milk jug, with a steam wand.
    Pour the hot mixture inthe glass.
    Stir and top with milk foam.
    Decorate with grated cinnamon and chocolate shavings.