1883 Spicy Mango Syrup - 1883 Maison Routin
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1883 Spicy Mango Syrup

1883 Spicy Mango Syrup is your dash of boldness, giving your creations a hit of exotic heat.

Radiant and warmly welcoming, this syrup blends the mellow sweetness of mango with a subtle thrill, serving up an unforgettable taste experience.

Its yellow colour, with a delicate orange tinge, lends a note of tropical warmth to your recipes. Its slight acidity and its hot finish balance out its sweetness, enhancing it with a refreshing dimension.


1883 Spicy Mango Syrup begins with an explosion of ripe mango. Its flavours unfold in a perfectly harmonious fruity mellowness, and are rounded off by a lingering finish of bold heat that leaves a stimulating impression – as if urging you to rediscover the fruit from a fresh perspective.


Made in France