Drink designer - Mihails Minckovskis - 1883 Maison Routin

Mihails Minckovskis

When Mihails or “Misha” starts making one of his creations, all eyes are on him. Like an actor on stage, he excites his audience with fabulous, flavourful stories which he tells with passion, humour and a smile.


But beyond the show is the artist, the expert, the man. Precise gestures, professionalism at all times, constant creativity: Misha is always thinking about the future. He dreams of a more sustainable world, offsetting the equivalent of his annual carbon footprint by planting trees around the globe.


His style? Unwavering refinement complemented by a signature trademark, his 1883 outfit, which has developed over the years into a style that perfectly expresses his personality. The trump card? Brilliant improvisation, which allows Misha to make the right decisions quickly and efficiently – especially in competitions, where he excels. What is he proud of? Latvia, his country, his love and all those hours spent in his father’s bar where he learned about ‘cocktail culture’ very early on.


Since 2015, Misha has been proudly flying the flag and spirit of 1883 around the world. You can find him on Instagram and discover his numerous recipes on our website




  • 2019 International Brand Ambassador Competition – 2nd Place – Europe
  • 2018 Libbey Glassology – 2nd Place – World
  • 2018 Havana Club Grand Prix – 3rd Place – Latvia 
  • 2017 World Class – 2nd Place – Latvia / Top 5 – Baltic’s
  • 2017 Four Rouses Baltic’s mellow mixing challenge – 3rd Place 
  • 2016 Wenneker – 1st Place – Latvia 
  • 2016 Monkey Shoulder ultimate bartender challenge – 2nd Place – Latvia

Fist of Fury”

– 4cl Scotch whisky
– 6cl Sauce*
– 1.5cl lime juice
– 10cl pineapple juice

Pour all ingredients into the shaker filled with ice.
Shake well. Pour into tiki mug.
Decore with dehydrated lime or pineapple on a rim.


Sauce :

– 32cl 1883 Caramel Sauce
– 10cl Popcorn Syrup
– 20cl milk
– 180g cream cheese

Combine all ingredients together in a blender.
To have a better combination warm a bit milk. Then pour all ingredients together till it have even structure when sauce ready keep in fridge closed.