1883 Redcurrant syrup - for Cocktails and Hot Drinks - 1883 Maison Routin
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1883 Redcurrant syrup

1883 expresses the whole freshness of redcurrant in a syrup whose green top notes are quickly enveloped in a deluge of summer flavours forming a complex, delicate bouquet. On the palate, 1883 recalls the generous aromatic pulp from shiny, plump, ripened berries just begging you to take a bite.

This 1883 syrup brings out the fruity and floral notes in redcurrant, with its unmistakable red fruit flavour and slight tartness bursting for a deliciously balanced result.

1883 Redcurrant syrup enriches hot or cold teas and infusions with its scrumptious red fruit notes and adds a welcome dash of freshness to cocktails. Its intense fruity notes perk up sodas and smoothies, while its redcurrant taste gives beers and wines a tangy hint that prolongs their length.


The green notes in 1883 Redcurrant syrup blend in the mouth into a powerful fruity experience of deep notes and sun-drenched flavours, whose initial burst mellows into a lighter, floral accented finish.


Made in France