The unexpected Red Pepper 1883

A flamboyant red that has gorged on the sun’s kiss. Its vivid scarlet promises an audacious kick of velvety fullness. This 1883 syrup defies all expectation and reveals all the finesse of the red pepper. Its novel flavour awakens the senses and ignites inspiration thanks to its lively and flavoursome notes. Its delicate ‘grilled’ taste conjures up summer nights and within its depths, an exhilarating bouquet is revealed. A small touch of pepper and warm aromas make for a harmonious, sun-ripened fusion.

Allow the spontaneity of this flavour reveal itself by adding it to sparkling waters, teas or
let its strong character shake up the sharp acidity of citrus fruits. Its unique flavour is
the ally to strong alcohols and beers and wines become innovative cocktails when mixed
with this syrup.

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